I was born on this planet, in this time and space, to support revolutionary women in the reclamation of their of their radiance and the rebirth of their authentic selves and creative expression.  By this, I mean that shining, innate essence that emanates from the most natural, honest and vulnerable place in each of our spirits and is aligned with our individual compass of truth – the resonance of which, when expressed through creativity, has a powerful and lasting impact upon all those whom it touches.  This unique essence gives rise to unshakable confidence, grace and a sense of sovereignty that we tend to conceal from the world for fear of external perception, yet it is this essence which gives rise to the fierce love, intuitive action and unapologetic presence that we so deeply long for in our blood, bones and heart – the ripples of which can be felt universally when we are aligned with it – that which ultimately enables us to master our life, our destiny and realize our highest potential.

Each of us longs for this radiance and raw authenticity and the comedy is we spend our lives looking outside of ourselves in search of it.  We deplete our wellspring of it through our choices – investing our precious units of energy into people and circumstances that do not serve us and continue to perpetuate the cycle of our own despair.  We deny ourselves of our true creative expression for fear of judgement and criticism and thus ‘create’ from a place of force, approval seeking, notoriety or popularity as we shame the ‘imposters’ we feel ourselves to be.  We entrap ourselves within the golden handcuffs of identity, holding onto it with such voracity, that we feel exhausted and at war with ourselves and our bodies.  We numb or suppress the rising emotion in our own ways in the hopes that its intensity will fade and we will not have to adhere to its truth and step into those foreign and uncomfortable places – the places where our yearning and fulfillment lives.  Somewhere inside of ourselves, in those moments of silence, unconditional love or paralyzing misery, true wisdom whispers to pay attention for that radiance we seek, that feeling of divine connection with the most sacred part of ourselves and reminds us that it is there for the claiming and always has been.

Yet for whatever reason, we cease to trust that it can be that simple.  But it is. It’s also scary to accept this truth because once you rebirth, there’s no other excuse or reason not to accept the responsibility for living your life’s purpose. I get it. I also get how comfortable suffering can become.  How much power and entitlement it rewards us with.

The process of rebirth is vastly different for each of us, yet there is a deeply unifying archetypal patterning to the reclamation process itself.  It is in illuminating these steps for you to walk that I have discovered my own divine purpose.  For some women, it literally takes excavating the path after years of insidious behaviour and a complete disregard for one’s intuitive voice that has played out over many years.  For others, it’s clearing the winter’s foliage from the path so that the trail of breadcrumbs is evident.  However, messy and chaotic, sweet and subtle, physical and spiritual – one thing remains:  This work requires full throttle commitment and genuine guidance can transcend even the most destructive patterning.

My clients have referred to me as a Midwife to the Soul – and it sort of stuck. What I love about Midwives or Doulas, is that they instinctively facilitate that which is already natural, inevitable, unconditional. That I wholeheartedly accept. Being Midwife to the Soul is just about the most amazing life calling I could ever be blessed with and it has given meaning to all of my own personal suffering.

My own journey has taught me that this innate radiant essence and authentic creativity –  our birthright – too often, becomes veiled through repeated oppression – self or otherwise inflicted – that leaves us with a feeling of disconnect to Spirit, our environment and our community, thus lowering our frequency, draining us of our energy and wonder and creating a void within us that is filled with feelings of isolation, fear, addiction, sabotage, victimization and physical/mental/spiritual illness.

After years of falling into imposter syndrome, repeated cycles of physical illness, addiction, weight fluctuations, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, heartbreak and spiritual dis-ease where I continued to look outside of myself for the solution and place my trust into the hands of others vs. attuning to my own intuition to heal – I awoke to the power of the Medicine Woman that lived within me.  As I made a choice to finally listen, she offered me precise, simple and swift guidance as to how to heal myself, physically at first and as my body began to understand balance, I was able to attune to the wisdom of my feelings thus discovering the royal road to my own radiance and creativity.  Within a few months, I was the strongest and healthiest than I had ever been.  I was humbled by the woman I truly was behind the smoke and mirrors.  I looked years younger, balanced my weight and hormones, learned to eat intuitively and freely (dropping all of the rules and beliefs that once held me hostage and robbed me of my joy in life and intimacy with others), my spiritual practices deepened dramatically and at last, my creative expression encapsulated this radiance.  It felt natural, simple and infinite – as though I was connected to an endless ocean of inspiration and emanated from me in a multitude of forms.  Simultaneously, the universe began to send women my way and as I continued to share the wisdom that I had learned, the more my sacred offering of contribution was refined.


Now, seven years later, I have had the great honour and privilege of working with over 200 women around the world including world renown celebrities, artists, musicians, actors, authors, change-makers, business women and influencers in media and entertainment – reawaken to their own innate radiance, authentic creativity and compassionately heal themselves; therein, becoming the masters of their own lives and living to their highest human potential – the ripples of which are felt as universal consciousness is elevated through their reclamation and creative expression.


A Little More Intimate…

I am most comfortable in the forest. And I lose track of time…a lot. I birth, re-birth, and transform with the cycles of the moon and this is the undercurrent of my natural rhythm. I am most curious about what love feels like inside the caverns of another heart. I communicate most profoundly through song and through my cooking. The recipes I channel, usually originate in my dreams and they are my art, my devotion, my medicine and one of the ways in which the Divine speaks through me.


Zain Saraswati Jamal is an internationally renowned Yogini, Moon Dancer, Fire Keeper, Published Writer, Wholefood Alchemist and Hardcore Coach. Certified in Holistic, Ayurvedic and Advanced Athletic Nutrition, Zain weaves together the most poignant aspects of these philosophies with the dimensions of her own personal healing experience and the wisdom from her revered paths of Kundalini Yoga and Shamanism – utilizing the physical body as a portal to detangling the esoteric knots that are rooted deeply within the psyche and manifest on the physical plane. Her approach leverages powerful energy techniques from Siberia and Central Asia that have been passed down to her through her masters that support the clearing of all which veils one’s deepest essence simply and within moments. Zain’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, CTV, GaiaTV, Oxygen Magazine and she has held workshops across Canada, USA, Europe, India and South America.


Classically trained in Mysore, India at the Shri K Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Institute (KPJAI), Zain pursued over ten years of traditional Ashtanga practice and teaching before exploring other styles.  She was drawn to another classical lineage Sivananda, in 2006, where she completed her E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certification at the Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island, Bahamas as well as three years of deep philosophical study of the Yoga Sutras, Vedas and other scriptures from both the Buddhist and Vedic perspectives.  During this time, Zain discovered the practice of Kundalini yoga in a Sikh Gurudwara and became fascinated by the liberation of movement and the immediate effect that the technology of kriya offered.  She went onto study with the 3HO Certified Karam Kriya School in London, England and her own personal practice is a reflection of these classical styles.  She feels blessed to have continued her personal studies with Pattahbi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Gurmukh, David Life, Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Geshe Michael Roach, Eddie Modestini and other masters, which have helped her to refine, her own practice and teaching.

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