In Ancient Times, we were brought up in the vibration of a village.  Elders, Adults and Children alike, all had a place and were celebrated for their individual gifts – for the medicine they carried.  This collective culture, where each person had an opportunity to fulfil their sacred calling in life and were exposed to wisdom and teachings that supported this endeavour gave rise to true wealth, intimacy and creative expression.

The intention for this space is to re-evoke this vibration.  This is a co-creative space for women to learn, share, grow and be immersed in TRIBE. No matter your background, age, sexual orientation, beliefs, you are invited to be apart of this space to contribute, share, receive and express yourself on the RAW, POIGNANT and often CLANDESTINE subject matter that many of us feel in our hearts.  In this space you are safe and are witnessed in  your vulnerability. 

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