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One to one

A powerful opportunity to work one to one with Zain for 1.5 hours. Together we will identify, process and integrate the specific aspect of your life that is holding you back from living your deepest essence of truth or claim a specific intention you wish to realize.
After the session, you will notice an immediate and lasting shift in your resonant frequency. Depending on what is exposed or uncovered for you, you may wish to channel this into creating a plan that would serve to support your highest intention for your life going forward.
Sessions are customized specifically for your needs and serve all those who are 100% committed to making major a shift in their relationship with themselves, as well as their internal and external realities.

3 Month

Unlock your unique creative potential, restore your health & vitality and move through the blocks, challenges, addictions, self-judgement, conditioning and societal / cultural / gender impressions that hold you back from living your deepest essence. This package is customized to your needs and includes weekly one to one coaching sessions combined with a custom intuitive nutrition program to have you vibrating at your highest frequency. From this place we will dive into a full manifestation of your intentions and goals.


A complete physical, mental, emotional, spiritual rebirth. This is a customized program that meets you exactly where you are utilizing your blockages as portals through which to midwife your soul and unlock your unique creative potential so that it may be harnessed and shared through your divine service to yourself and the world. If you are already working with your unique potential, this is an opportunity to recalibrate and attune your truth with the highest collective. Weekly one to one coaching sessions, in person master classes, retreats, personalized intuitive nutrition program and other powerful offerings available to align you with your deepest spiritual unfolding and abundance.

Please complete and submit your application and you will be contacted to schedule a complimentary call with Zain to answer any questions you may have and determine whether this is the right experience for you.

What is the number one reason you are inspired to work with Zain?

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