We give thanks and offer our selves to her, the mother of all things, known by many names and come in many forms, for the benefit of all beings, she is the body of all life and the library of all mysteries. She is the nurturer of all infant souls and the caretaker of evolving consciousness. Her love is so great it dies unto itself as all things go unto themselves.

  • Working with Zain brought me to a whole new level of my own spiritual unfolding, I have never felt more empowered or clear

    Kandyse L
  • Before meeting Zain, I had lost my passion for life after a devastating period of loss. In working with her, I was amazed at how simple and direct her approach was to supporting me in my own healing and post-traumatic growth.

    Mandy J
  • I met Zain during the most challenging year of my life.  The end of a significant relationship, loss of my mother and significant health issues catapulted me into a state of severe depression, anxiety and addiction.  Our first session together helped me access my power.  A definite game changer.  After a year of working with Zain, I have never felt stronger, clearer or healthier.  My body has achieved a state of balance and wellbeing that I have never before experienced or thought possible.

    Eva K

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