What Is Radiant Ascension Activation?

Radiant Ascension Activation – processes that enable anyone, through their own free will, to receive a direct experience of their own DIVINITY or TRUTH within a few moments simply and potently. The beauty of this extraordinary gift, is that no one is doing the ‘work’ to you or for you, rather, you are doing it all on your own and as a result, experience the empowerment that comes as a result of activating your inner healer.

The activations are instant and super powerful. Your frequency shifts in moments and you remain at that state – where we then work together on co-creating your next steps from the vantage point of your Highest Self.


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My focus is on working with AWAKENED humans who are shifting consciousness on an vast scale through their art or divine offerings. I have worked with internationally renown personalities: artists, actors, musicians, healers, filmmakers, CEO’s of multinational corporations, warriors, tribal leaders, botanists, shamans, medicine men/women, writers, athletes, teachers and light workers from what feels like background and every spiritual upbringing.

Zain Saraswati Jamal


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