As our frequency ascends, the divine recipe around nourishment and what serves our highest alignment, is one that requires the following ingredients: intuition, deep listening, discernment, intention and a whole-hearted YES.

Heart & mind coherence, combined with frequency attunement inevitably creates dynamic shifts and changes within our physical carriage as we release patterns, beliefs, addictions and ways of sustaining ourselves that no longer serve.

I have learned, through the ecstatic dance with my own human configuration, that my body craves foods that are higher up the light spectrum and are concentrated with water and enzymes; however, decades of working within the realms and veins of nutrition with myself and others, trial and error with my own body, cutting things out, fasting, cleansing, strongly identifying with labels and lifestyles and exploring what feels like every avenue to ‘get there’ and then support others in ‘getting there’, I’ve realised, that sharing my current approaches to how I nourish is actually great disservice to you. Why? Because the level of consciousness that you seek, requires you to discover the steps to your own dance in its totality.

If you haven’t managed to align this for yourself, it is likely because you are still adorning all of the information outside of yourself versus looking to yourself for the answers you crave.  All labels and identifications of how you ‘should’ be eating must be lived, experienced then shed in order for you to ascend.  It’s not about what works for that person (who’s physique or energy levels you admire), the expert who has all the cred with the next new book, or what works for your best friend.  While their process may have served them in achieving ways of living their human experience, it invariably cock-blocks you from your own awakening with your own being.

It is also important to be aware that this is not a conversation which comes to an end.  It is a constant, living, breathing body of co-creation, adaptation and symbiosis with yourself and your spiritual experience in human form. That said, crafting your own blessings and sacred practices that are directly communicated through you and to you – I have experienced – has the power to morph into potent medicine for all of your bodies from physical, to astral and beyond and again, is ever-evolving.

I am blessed to say I am point where, now, I feel a sense of compassionate mastery over my ability to de-identify and unlearn on a regular basis so that my body is able to thrive.  No longer to I adhere to a particular philosophy(ies). Rather, I have learned to cultivate a relationship with my higher wisdom that is so subtly attuned, that I am currently experiencing youthfulness, vitality, creativity, clarity and ascension beyond anything I could have imagined would be possible and it seems and it has rippled into all areas of my life.

While I do not feel it useful for you to do as I do, or eat what I eat as if its some sort of holy grail, that I am some sort of guru or privy to information that you are not, I do know, that sharing the avenues through which I learned to access my intuition, deep listening, discernment and embodiment of YES is a divine gift that has come through me for the purpose of sharing.  So, I teach as I was taught. No human spin, labels or titles. No should’s and shouldn’ts, good or bad, clean or dirty, right or wrong.

When you honour yourself and become responsible for your frequency, you will know exactly what you need to have a strong, lean and vital, physique and how to use your nourishment as medicine as well as the most optimal fuel for your conscious evolution. While it’s beautiful to feel ascension in the 5D through all of the deep and powerful work that we will share, feeling incredible in your 3D reality is mission critical and this work gives meaning to the extraordinary and miraculous experiences that I have had in my life and my pathways to healing that I am now blessed to share.

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