My daily practice, which has taken so many shapes and forms, has been fundamental to my ascension and understanding of how to acclimate my frequency.  It has the power and potency to instantly, radically and multidimentionally raise my vibration bringing all of my 5D awareness into my 3D reality.  My practice has been my truest companion, my most objective witness, my therapist, my mirror, the anti-depressant that got me out of bed when nothing else could, my magic potion, my escape, my guide, my canvas, my conscience, my temple and my umbilical chord to Unconditional Love.  Through this practice I am brought face-to-face, daily, with the density of the human experience and how it is expressed from gross to subtle form. I have learned exactly how to be receptive to the exact codes required for my deepest healing on all levels.  It has been the catalyst for peeling away layers of undigested emotion, conditioning, attachment, identity, heartbreak and fear, enabling me to taste my own divine nectar, activate my superpowers, curate optimal health, strength and vitality and expand my radiance.

“Zain’s classes have illuminated the way for me to understand what it truly feels like to move within the highest frequency of unconditional love. I always understood this as a concept but never learned how to embody it. In her classes, I have awakened new capacities and abilities I have only dreamt of. I have never felt stronger, more in love with my body or more in alignment.”

Be prepared to sweat, laugh, cry, ascend, expand and awaken the capacity for spontaneous healing through the multidimensional breathing, dynamic movement, practices and meditations that I teach, using the body as a portal to accessing your highest capacity. The Radiance Flow has been downloaded and curated over the course of my lifetime and more specifically in the last decade, to support the massive shift in consciousness and frequency taking place on the planet and supported by the Galactic Core. Since 2012, the frequency on Planet Earth has shifted so dramatically that old modalities of healing and movement (that I subscribed to with the entirety of my being throughout my journey) while extraordinarily powerful and laced with incredible wisdom, are no longer of service to the awakened being whose DNA, cellular structure, electromagnetic field, auric field, chakra system, sensory system and brain wave capacity has transcended.  This has been felt as we continue to circulate with methods of movement that seem compartmentalised from other areas of our lives or do not translate into evolved ways of experiencing life. New, or rather, ancient/reconfigured modalities of how to attune our senses and move our physical bodies to support our evolving superhumanness are being received by many across the planet. The practice I teach is the most powerful way that I have learned to accelerate my conscious evolution within this birth and guide others to experience this for themselves.

My conscious movement practice presently, is an ever-evolving synergy of nature, yoga, dance, sacred arts, breath work, energy practices, martial arts, acrobatics, ancient healing modalities such as Ayurveda & TCM, parkour and running that I have gathered and refined throughout the course of my life. It is an all-encompassing daily ritual and practice that has awakened many of my dormant supernatural gifts, elevates my frequency, expands my field, heart/mind coherence, keeps me glowing, energetic, vital, strong, lean and clear of mind and is the gateway to accessing and emanating my radiance.

What has now evolved into Radiant Flow, originated in my childhood, somewhere between my athleticism, ethereal connection and yoga. I was classically trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Kundalini Kriya which then sparked my obsession with all of the various styles and emanations of yoga and I went onto take every teachers training I could get my hands on. The structures and forms of yoga resonated deeply with the discipline that I had crafted through my athleticism and I continued to hunger for new ways to deepen my human experience while easing my heart and connecting to Spirit.

For years I dedicated myself to mornings of Mysore style Ashtanga and evenings of classical Kundalini.  The practices always felt separate in my body as though working on two very separate dimensions much like the distinction of Chakra and Hara. One, not so special day, life and scheduling circumstances caused me to have to do a home practice since I was unable to make my morning or evening practices that day.  During this practice, amidst the obscure smells of Ukranian Borscht emanating through my neighbour’s balcony door and the CBC Radio 2 weekend opera special airing loudly from the vintage furniture shop below me – crammed into an obscure corner of my living room – something extraordinary happened.  A practice so true to the most vulnerable parts of me birthed in my body.  It was a dance of breath woven with vinyasa, mantra and laced with classical kriya.  It was a fusion between both my loves, both my disciplines.  The practice lasted 3 hours after which, I ate like a beast and then slept for what felt like days.  Upon waking, my body felt as though it had transformed from a cellular level – and it had. Much of Radiant Flow birthed that day and has continued to evolve to incorporate my own shifts and changes and that of the collective.

While I am working on compiling new Radiant Flow classes to share online and at various international conscious festivals and events worldwide where I teach, many of my previous classes and styles are accessible at this time on GaiaTV.

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