I met Zain during the most challenging year of my life. The end of a significant relationship, loss of my mother and significant health issues catapulted me into a state of severe depression, anxiety and addiction. Our first session together helped me access my power. A definite game changer. After a year of working with Zain, I have never felt stronger, clearer or healthier. My body has achieved a state of balance and wellbeing that I have never before experienced or thought possible.

Eva K

Before meeting Zain, I had lost my passion for life after a devastating period of loss. In working with her, I was amazed at how simple and direct her approach was to supporting me in my own healing and post-traumatic growth.

Mandy J

Working with Zain brought me to a whole new level of my own spiritual unfolding, I have never felt more empowered or clear

Kandyse L


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