3 Private Radiant Ascension Sessions With Zain

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Radiant Ascension Activations:

3X1 Hour Virtual Sessions with Zain

The most powerful work offer, these processes enable anyone, through their own free will, to receive a direct experience of their own DIVINITY or TRUTH within a few moments simply and potently. The beauty of this extraordinary gift, is that no one is doing the ‘work’ to you or for you, rather, you are doing it all on your own and as a result, experience the empowerment that comes as a result of activating your inner healer.

The activations are instant and super powerful. Your frequency shifts in moments and you remain at that elevated state, instantly releasing trauma and reclaiming the units of energy you have invested into the specific issue(s) to be processed.

We may use any avenue as a portal to enter into the activation: any blockages keeping you from your highest truth/self:

Physical – Pain, Illness, Ailment, Addiction, Discomfort, Diagnosis, Fatigue, Parasite Removal
Mental – Loops, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Entities, Detrimental Thought Patterns, Trauma etc.
Spiritual – Beliefs, Ancestrial Patterning, Soul Contracts, Entity Clearing etc.
Psychospiritual – Ingrained Patterning, Archetypes, Martyrdom, Relationship Patterns etc.

If you already feel completely clear and crystaline in all dimensions, we will choose to enter through the below portals:

Manifestation of a Vision/Goal/Mission/Purpose/Abundance in any area of life

Soul Marriage

Energetic Merging with your Twin Flame/Soul Tribe/Unborn Child/Lover/Vision/Being, Organism or Plant Medicine
Life Purpose Activation/Clarification/Embodiment
Superpower Activation/Embodiment/Downloads/Timelessness/Eternal Youth
Sensory Attunement – Light Body Activation, Awakening of the 31 Senses, 108 Chakras, Mental & Physical Capacities
Health Optimization – Heightened Configuration of DNA, Cellular Structures, Neuropathways & Brain Waves, Organ Clearing and Optimization
Each activation works with your 5D reality, thus, bending the laws of time and space, allowing you to actualise in your 3D reality instantly.


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