One-To-One Radiant Ascension Coaching With Zain 12 Week Program

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Zain will guide you through a deep pe into all aspects of your life over the course of 12 weeks to support you in emerging as your own greatest healer/teacher and align all aspects including physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and interdimensional.

This opportunity is 1000% bespoke and curated for those who are ready to awaken their inherent superpowers, step into their infinite power, and fulfil their pine mission.


My focus is on working with humans who are shifting consciousness on a vast scale through their life’s mission. Zain has worked with internationally renowned personalities: Artists, actors, musicians, healers, filmmakers, CEO’s of multinational corporations, warriors, tribal leaders, botanists, shamans, medicine men/women, writers, athletes, teachers and light workers from what feels like background and every spiritual upbringing.

It is for affluent, successful humans who wish to reclaim their optimal human capacity and infinite abundance in all aspects of life.

You will step away from this program with a complete lifestyle overhaul, physical purification on a cellular level, DNA and Telomere re-genesis, mental/emotional/spiritual alignment and become your own greatest healer, teacher and guide.

If this resonates with you, join Zain in:

1:1 Calls 2 Hours Weekly: Radiant Ascension Activation + Life Integration

Bespoke Purification + Cleansing Protocol

Bespoke Nutrition + Supplementation Protocol

Bespoke Movement + Breath Protocol

Daily Connectivity to Zain (WhatsApp)

Understand that this program is curated specifically for YOU and YOUR needs. Often what my clients come forward with is vastly different from what the Radiant Ascension work uncovers. This is the fastest most powerful way I have learned to ascend in all aspects of my life and what is important for you to know is that this is a co-creative process, meaning we go as deep and as far as you are willing. While I am guiding you through, it is your innate power that is revealed through this work.

This program rapidly shifts your frequency, promotes radical healing and enables you to gain a direct experience of your own truth. We then work together on co-creating your next steps from the vantage point of your Highest Self.

We may use any avenue as a portal to enter into the activation: any blockages keeping you from your highest truth/self:

Physical – Pain, Illness, Ailment, Addiction, Discomfort, Diagnosis, Fatigue, Parasite Removal

Mental – Loops, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Entities, Detrimental Thought Patterns, Trauma etc.

Spiritual – Beliefs, Ancestrial Patterning, Soul Contracts, Entity Clearing etc.

Psychospiritual – Ingrained Patterning, Archetypes, Martyrdom, Relationship Patterns etc.

If you already feel completely clear and crystaline in all dimensions, we will choose to enter through the below portals:

Manifestation of a Vision/Goal/Mission/Purpose/Abundance in any area of life

Soul Marriage

Energetic Merging with your Twin Flame/Soul Tribe/Unborn Child/Lover/Vision/Being, Organism or Plant Medicine

Life Purpose Activation/Clarification/Embodiment

Superpower Activation/Embodiment/Downloads/Timelessness/Eternal Youth

Sensory Attunement – Light Body Activation, Awakening of the 31 Senses, 108 Chakras, Mental & Physical Capacities

Health Optimization – Heightened Configuration of DNA, Cellular Structures, Neuropathways & Brain Waves, Organ Clearing and Optimization

Zain’s One-To-One Coaching guides you one working within the 5D reality, thus, bending the laws of time and space, allowing you to actualise in your 3D reality instantly.


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