Radiance is the visceral expansion of our rawest, most natural essence. It is the guidance by which we cultivate our intuition, interact with our 3D reality and communicate with all twelve dimensions. It is the expression of our sacredness, our connection to the galactic sun, our soul star, our capacity for co-creation. It is our barometer of true vitality, agelessness, timelessness and optimal health. It spills out of us all over life, when we are operating from our highest frequency and in alignment with our soul’s divine mission.

Our relationship with our radiance, is a symbiotic one, an ecstatic dance of service and receivership when understood, feels like a mystical life hack.

As we unfold into deeper realms of consciousness individually and collectively, our receptivity to new codes, languages of light, plant medicines, intergalactic guidance, elevated frequencies, and the re-awakening of our own supernatural gifts – it is apparent that thought forms and practices must emerge to meet this elevation and offer support for those who are no longer being served through old constructs for they are unable to support the capacity of radiance which is now entering the field.

What Is Radiant Ascension Activation?

It is not by human creation but divine download that many Warriors of Light are stepping forward to share the offerings which have come through them, in service to humanity and the expansion of consciousness.

The specific downloads that I carry, my most potent medicine, has arrived – through deep prayer and all of the work that I have personally done to clear my field in order to receive these celestial codes – by way of the bees, in the jungle (more on this here).

They come in the form of Radiant Ascension Activation – processes that enable anyone, through their own free will, to receive a direct experience of their own DIVINITY or TRUTH within a few moments simply and potently. The beauty of this extraordinary gift, is that no one is doing the ‘work’ to you or for you, rather, you are doing it all on your own and as a result, experience the empowerment that comes as a result of activating your inner healer.

The activations are instant and super powerful. Your frequency shifts in moments and you remain at that state – where we then work together on co-creating your next steps from the vantage point of your Highest Self.

We may use any avenue as a portal to enter into the activation: any blockages keeping you from your highest truth/self:

  • Physical – Pain, Illness, Ailment, Addiction, Discomfort, Diagnosis, Fatigue, Parasite Removal
  • Mental – Loops, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Entities, Detrimental Thought Patterns, Trauma etc.
  • Spiritual – Beliefs, Ancestrial Patterning, Soul Contracts, Entity Clearing etc.
  • Psychospiritual – Ingrained Patterning, Archetypes, Martyrdom, Relationship Patterns etc.

If you already feel completely clear and crystaline in all dimensions, we will choose to enter through the below portals:

  • Manifestation of a Vision/Goal/Mission/Purpose/Abundance in any area of life
  • Soul Marriage
  • Energetic Merging with your Twin Flame/Soul Tribe/Unborn Child/Lover/Vision/Being, Organism or Plant Medicine
  • Life Purpose Activation/Clarification/Embodiment
  • Superpower Activation/Embodiment/Downloads/Timelessness/Eternal Youth
  • Sensory Attunement – Light Body Activation, Awakening of the 31 Senses, 108 Chakras, Mental & Physical Capacities
  • Health Optimization – Heightened Configuration of DNA, Cellular Structures, Neuropathways & Brain Waves, Organ Clearing and Optimization

Each activation works with your 5D reality, thus, bending the laws of time and space, allowing you to actualise in your 3D reality instantly.

My focus is on working with AWAKENED humans who are shifting consciousness on an vast scale through their art or divine offerings. I have worked with internationally renown personalities: artists, actors, musicians, healers, filmmakers, CEO’s of multinational corporations, warriors, tribal leaders, botanists, shamans, medicine men/women, writers, athletes, teachers and light workers from what feels like background and every spiritual upbringing. I focus on working with five humans at a time over the course of twelve weeks. To join my waitlist or find out more, please click below.

I believe that it is the birthright of every sovereign being to experience and live through their unique radiance.

I believe that through radiance, we have the guidance to co-create our most illuminated expression of human existence and conscious ascension available to us.

I believe that radiance directs the mastery of our inherent superpowers that we have each come here to celebrate and share.

I believe that the time is now.

  • Working with Zain brought me to a whole new level of my own spiritual unfolding, I have never felt more empowered or clear

    Kandyse L
  • Before meeting Zain, I had lost my passion for life after a devastating period of loss. In working with her, I was amazed at how simple and direct her approach was to supporting me in my own healing and post-traumatic growth.

    Mandy J
  • I met Zain during the most challenging year of my life.  The end of a significant relationship, loss of my mother and significant health issues catapulted me into a state of severe depression, anxiety and addiction.  Our first session together helped me access my power.  A definite game changer.  After a year of working with Zain, I have never felt stronger, clearer or healthier.  My body has achieved a state of balance and wellbeing that I have never before experienced or thought possible.

    Eva K

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