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What Is Sacred Sex?

When we journey to our ancient past, long before a Christian god and patriarchal religions, we encounter a world where for millennia people worshipped the Goddess – benevolent, fertile and above all sexual. Very sexual! Today we have profound difficulty associating sexuality with anything sacred, but in ancient times the worship of the goddess was often conducted through sexual rites. As the goddess once again awakens in a western consciousness, the shame and guilt traditionally attached to our bodies and sexual experiences is being replaced with a remembering of lifetimes past when deity was female and sex was for worship.


It has been 5,000 years or more since the goddess was at the height of her power, but with her return, we are remembering how to experience the divine through the sacrament of sex. The goddess offers us a new religion (actually an ancient one) where sex leads to enlightenment and the current shame and perversion we carry around sexuality is being transformed. What if I told you that the sacred actually lives in your body and that engaging in conscious acts of sex can lead to transcendent experiences of bliss and self realisation. The goddess is back, and sex is sacred.


unnamed (2)Sacred sex in the 21st century is suddenly big business and the goddess looms large as we revisit the past to uncover the roots of traditions that honoured her. You will find her in the explosion of neo Tantra that offers a stylized western experience for those who want to heal their relationships and experience a full body orgasm. You will find her in a Wiccan or shamanic ritual, or a pagan magic sex rite. She is nature herself speaking to you through an ayahauscan drug taking ceremony. She is the healing found through a sex surrogate, or in the arms of a modern day sacred prostitute. She is the rising kundalini serpent awakened in an ecstatic dance class. Whichever path you may wish to traverse, the untamable, powerful sexual energy of the goddess is awakening and this site is a portal for her to enter into your life. Journey with me, her priestess, as you awaken ancient memories and bring her energy into the present day to transform your life and everything you touch.


The term “Hieros Gamos” comes from the Greek whose etymology translates as “hieros” – holy and “gamos” – marriage or coupling. In ancient Mesopotamia, the lands known as Sumeria, Assyria and Babylon, from the 4th millennium BCE, the people worshiped the great Goddess Innana, Queen of the Heavens and the Earth. Here, the High Priestess of Inanna would unite with or marry the King of the land who represented the young, virile vegetation God, in a public sexual ceremony that not only celebrated the fertile renewal of the land but was also a ritual act of creation. This important festival would last for many days and occur around the time of the autumn equinox. The celebrations would include the ritual sacrifice of grains and fruits, including the first offspring of livestock. So important was this celebration of renewal that only the most precious objects would be sacrificed. Even libations of blood would be offered to increase the fertility of the union which was the culmination of these ritual celebrations.

Within the ritual sacred marriage, the High Priestess of the temple became the earthly embodiment of the Goddess herself, joining with the masculine in the form of the King. This represented the joining of the elements of earth and spirit to create a holy sacred union. Here, sexuality was experienced as a pathway to the divine.

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