All roads have led me to the path of Intuitive Nutrition – and trust me when I say, I’ve tried it all.  While I, like many of you, have a multitude of superimposed, over-philosophized theories floating around in my head throughout the years of how to eat, what to eat, the goods and bads, this macronutrient, that macronutrient, the trauma from cycles of addiction/recovery and the micro rules and identities associated with it all [big out loud sigh] –

I am blessed to say I am point where, now, I feel a sense of compassionate mastery over my ability to de-identify and unlearn on a regular basis so that my body is able to thrive.  No longer to I adhere to a particular philosophy(ies). Rather, I have learned to cultivate a relationship with my higher wisdom that is so subtly attuned and built upon years of trial and error and a deep sense of trust, that there is now a sense of sustainability that I have always sought after.

When it comes to optimum health and vitality, my approach is to always be open to possibility.  As women, our bodies change daily, monthly and definitely annually. We adapt and shift on a cellular level constantly, as we digest and process emotion, stress and the heavy demands we – and society – place upon us.  There is no single approach that fits each woman and no one approach that will sustain you forever. As a woman, my personal work is to continue to be curious about my physical and spiritual needs and govern my nourishment accordingly and this is the wisdom that I share in my work with clients.   


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