I was born on this planet, in this time and space, to support revolutionary beings in the reclamation of their of their radiance and vibrational ascension.

While my initial awakening occurred during childhood, my soul chose to experience profound degrees of karmic initiation in this lifetime, in order for me to fully comprehend what was required of me to embody my divine calling as a Maestra of Light. My luminous orbits have gifted me the golden opportunities of surviving multiple physical deaths, self-doubt, martyrdom, being held captive against my will, addiction, body image issues adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, paralyzing heartbreak and complete loss of will. Throughout this process, I took endless and infinite dives into defining, redefining and unleashing my own truth, power, sovereignty and radiance.

No longer did I look outside of myself for the solution or place my trust into the hands of others.

With this came an acceptance of a deep and profound truth that I was compelled to adorn:

Each of us is responsible, through our own free-will and co-creative power to evoke our own totality.

It was this full-bodied realization and the choices thereafter, which conjured my radiance to spill forth all over life.

Radiance is the juicest expression of my being and has taught me to how harness my intuition, weave within the multiverse of realities and timelines in order to co-create and manifest instantly.  It is the expression of my sacredness, my connection to the galactic sun, soul star, and the gift of the Light Language I carry.  It expands my receptivity to divine codes, awakens supernatural powers and anchors me in the frequency of Unconditional Love.  It is my barometer of true vitality, agelessness, timelessness and optimal health.

It is now my deepest, devotional offering to illuminate the path for others – not by sharing what I do, as I feel that is an extraordinary disservice and takes away from the process of one discovering one’s own way – rather, in gifting, as I was gifted without human imprint interpretation or interference, the celestial information that has come through me at this significant precipice in time.

A sensitive indigo child, my mother would share stories about my mystical nature. She told me of miracles that I would invite into her life, including my own birth, as she was infertile for many years.  I would spend hours alone in the forest as a little girl, communicating to the plants, creatures and celestial beings that appeared so clearly to me. This was second nature.  At nine years-old, I had a what I understand now, to be an awakening while riding my bicycle in the forest.  The experience was so profound that my entire perception of reality felt shifted when I came back into consciousness after what felt like hours but was merely moments. Throughout the experience, my physical body was shaking profusely and I became aware of heightened colors, angelic sounds and patterns resembling that of a kaleidoscope. That paradigm shift catapulted me into an awareness of the frequency of Unconditional Love, however, I kept the experience to myself sensing that my loved ones would not understand and that they would think something was wrong with me. I knew that what occurred was magical and sacred. I also knew that something inside of me was forever changed and it did impact my life in a tremendous way. After my awakening, I ceased participating fully in the faith that I grew up with and that my family belonged to and simultaneously began my own spiritual exploration.  At the time, I was exposed to many faiths and cultures; however, what fascinated me most was my discovery of yoga as it seemed to bring me closer to that powerful sensation of Unconditional Love that I had experienced that day, that which left me thirsting for more.

It was this experience that kept the coals burning in my spiritual fire. I spent years of my life diving deeply into any forms of mysticism, religion, spirituality that I could get my hands on. Hailing from an Indian background, I was exposed to the myths and legends of ancient India, the epic stories of Krsna and Radha and fell deeply in love with the ethereal Gods. Grounding my body through those years felt incredibly unnatural as I wished to remain floating among those stories where complete devotion and love presided. One very special moment led me to the second most profound experience upon my spiritual path. My aunt, who came to care for me one day when I was unwell, was serving me a cup of tea which, as she was handing it to me, spilled all over my bare belly. The burn was so fierce that it required medical attention but as she was driving me, I requested that she stop at the reservation land close to my home where I had met an elderly woman who exuded the vibration of Unconditional Love – that which was pulling me like a magnetic force since my awakening. I went into her home and she immediately took out a kind of clay, patched my belly, burned some white buffalo sage around me and all of the pain went away instantly. I felt so deeply connected to my physical body, yet so drawn to something beyond myself. So began my journey upon the Red Road and exploration of Shamanism. So began my understanding of connecting to the elements in a more personal way, truly feeling the wisdom of Mother Gaia and suddenly the ground beneath me was solid again. There are so many incredible, mystical stories from this special time in my life. Beautiful and challenging rites of passage and initiations that still resonate with me decades later. The culmination of Shamanism and Yoga married in my body and I was able to ground more into my reality on earth.

While all of this fascination was being stoked within me, I could not ignore the challenges that it had brought up.  I felt so different to all of the other kids, I felt so disconnected and conscientious of my brightness and bigness so I muted it in order to feel received in some way. There were also residues of shame, trauma and guilt from abuse experiences when I was younger.  This patterning continued through my adolescent years and resulted in adorning behaviors, consciously, that were out of alignment with my highest truth, despite my spiritual seeking and yogic understanding.

I was searching my 3D reality, high and low, for the experience of Unconditional Love, and was prepared to do anything to find it, yet all I felt were the conditions the limits, the fears, the worries and the perception of what a successful life was to ‘look like’.  Of course I went onto do all the things…graduated at the top of my class, started earning significant money at a very young age through my own investments, worked in the luxury product sector at the height of my career for events such as the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, British Open, I sold yachts and planes and art and jewelry blah blah blah, I had a home in the South of France, a yacht and a beautiful convertible and travelled all over the world for my glamorous job. And the moment my life looked perfect on paper…I was at my most miserable. My soul longed for connection, for star tribe for me to step into my divine purpose. I would escape for months at a time to India or to my ashram to immerse into my sadhana/spiritual practice to ‘balance the forces’ but it would always result in a major pendulum swing in the opposite direction.  Compartmentalizing my life became a way of being for many years. I sacrificed myself and in many cases my beliefs to ‘earn the money needed to support my family’ – a noble cause that gave me a hero’s justification for my choices.

It took being held hostage against my will and escaping after many days, for me to finally step fully into my heart space. So, I ran away and joined the circus, actually.

My decade in the circus was not with out obscene sacrifice and intensity; however, it felt aligned with my creativity, broke me away from my soul-sucking business career my show had reached a new level of notoriety that enabled me to step away, fully from my business work and I was welcomed amongst cherished family who also felt as though they were fringe-dwellers like myself. I put my all into my training and performances; adorned all of the archetypes I dreamed to live through; however, I burned the candle so profusely at both ends until finally I was depleted and in 2008 went back to my hometown to heal myself and my body.

My healing journey took so many shapes and forms that it would be an extraordinary feat to detail them all here.  What my journey taught me, which is far more important to share, is that despite the fact that the process of rebirth into deeper realms of consciousness is vastly different for each of us, there is a unifying archetypal patterning to the reclamation process itself.  Personally, it was a process of unveiling, unlearning and compassionately releasing the layers of self and identity that my entire system of behaviour and response was conditioned by and then recalibrating my being with the vibration of Unconditional Love and truth through meditation, my practice, healing foods, movement, love, laughter and simplicity and continuing to clarify my understanding of how I experienced this in my own body. Collectively, I have learned and witnessed, it is a series of similar steps whether catalysed and accelerated through life or situation, or whether one is simply ready to evolve.

However, messy and chaotic, sweet and subtle, physical and spiritual – one thing remains:  Conscious evolution and the reclamation of my radiance required and continues to require a full throttle commitment. The only way, I have learned for me, is my way.  The only way for you, is your way. It is not in convincing you that my way is the correct way.

Rather, it is in reference to the archetypal pattern I spoke to above:  Having a direct experience of Self/Unconditional Love/Truth/God (or however else you perceive experiencing your most profound awakening) and from that place, creating the pathway to your complete healing utilising your expanding radiance as your barometer.

Accessing this direct experience, is what the bees have gifted me with and in honouring me with the carrier of this sacred medicine, have premised me to share it in the precise way it was given.

So, what you’re saying is, the bees showed you some ‘magic’ and now I’m going to be able to overcome a life’s worth of issues?



No catch.  There is however, a caveat.

Knew it.

The caveat is: Its a choice. Its a choice to heal.  A choice to ascend and transcend. A choice to live your most radiant life. A choice to accept that it can be simple and much quicker than you can possibly imagine at this point.

Yet for whatever reason, we cease to trust that it can be that simple.  But it is. It’s also scary to accept this truth because once you rebirth, there’s no other excuse or reason not to accept the responsibility for living your life’s purpose. I get it. I also get how comfortable suffering can become.  How much power and entitlement it rewards us with.

We entrap ourselves within the golden handcuffs of identity, holding onto it with such voracity, that we feel exhausted and at war with ourselves and our bodies.  We numb or suppress the rising emotion in our own ways in the hopes that its intensity will fade and we will not have to adhere to its truth and step into those foreign and uncomfortable places – the places where our yearning and fulfillment lives.  Somewhere inside of ourselves, in those moments of silence, unconditional love or paralyzing misery, true wisdom whispers to pay attention for that radiance we seek, that feeling of divine connection with the most sacred part of ourselves and reminds us that it is there for the claiming and always has been.

I had all of the same doubts and questions.  I resisted so much that it wasted years of my life, time and units of precious energy. What I ultimately discovered is that through the eyes of direct experience of Self, all things can be transformed into sacred medicine for the body, mind and spirit through belief.  For each person, including myself, the continued journey and ascension, is one’s own beautiful responsibility. In my case, transcendence, unlearning and de-identifying with former versions of myself, labels, qualities, lifestyles, jobs, relationships and all other things that created false identity, was and continues to be fundamental. As is my understanding of my understanding of my personal symbiotic relationship with the quantum field, which, continuously activates my supernatural powers of instant healing, manifestation and the co-creation of my current reality.

So what happened?  I made the decision to heal. Through this powerful gift from the bees, I experienced the Unconditional Love alive and present within me, once I experienced myself as that – the vibration I had searched outside of myself for all of my life – I felt a sense of bliss and love for myself and my body beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Joy and vitality spilled out of me all over life and it seemed that time began to unwind: I looked years younger, re-balanced my weight and hormones, became physically lean and so much stronger and learned to eat intuitively and freely through trust (dropping all of the rules and beliefs that once held me hostage and robbed me of my joy in life and intimacy with others). My spiritual practices deepened dramatically, old relationships, habits, addictions and all other aspects of life which were not longer serving me fell away with ease. My creativity magnified in all the ways. I felt and continue to feel as though I am living in flow state at all times, connected to the source of infinite radiance and unconditional love. I am so grateful to the beloved bees, the humans, the guides, angels and teachers and catalysts for the initiations and growth that I have experienced in my life. Being of service to others, sharing this roadmap to liberation, being witness to another’s rebirth, has given meaning to all of my own personal suffering and all that I have endured.  Many of my clients have referred to me as a Midwife to the Soul – and it sort of stuck. What I love about Midwives or Doulas, is that they instinctively facilitate that which is already natural, inevitable, unconditional. That I wholeheartedly accept. Being Midwife to the Soul is just about the most amazing life calling I could ever be blessed with.

I am most comfortable in the womb of the jungle, where I reside in solitude, in the wild, for periods of time until I feel that that particular mission, for that duration, has been completed. My time in the jungle is spent communicating to the fruits and bees, downloading crystaline information from the quantum field and refining the Radiant Ascension Processes that have been gifted to methrough these sacred communions. I bathe naked in the waterfalls, forage for plants to prepare medicine, fast mainly on coconuts and wild fruits that I am blessed to encounter, and awaken my superhuman abilities to co-create and interact with my environment. I am most fascinated about what love feels like inside the caverns of another heart and mystified to bear witness to one’s awakening.  Most humans I meet are fascinated by the fact that I feel time like a child. I communicate most profoundly through song and through my cooking. The recipes I channel, usually originate in my dreams and they are my art, my devotion, my medicine and one of the ways in which the Divine speaks through me.

Zain Saraswati Jamal creator of Jungle Radiance, is an internationally renowned Multidimensional Coach, Yogini, Published Writer, and Raw Vegan Food Alchemist.  Zain’s magic lies in the weaving together the most poignant aspects of ancient philosophies of healing such as Meditation, Ayurveda, TCM, Holistic and Athletic Nutrition, Botany and Shamanism with the mystical downloads that she has received over the last decade to craft a direct approach to accelerated evolution for beings who are consciously awake and are no longer responding fully to the ancient systems.

Through her own personal awakening journey, Zain spent months at a time in various parts of the Amazon Jungle in the wild, learning sacred gifts of wisdom from the fruits, the bees and sacred plant medicines. During this time, she came into full awareness of her innate supernatural powers and the understanding of what once was a natural state of being for all humans. Her Radiant Ascension processes are divine downloads which offer an individual a direct experience of their own divinity or truth within a few minutes, allowing them to receive new codes; therein, shifting any blockages, stagnancy, illness or enabling full bodied manifestation – and have been coined as ‘a DMT experience without the DMT’.  They serve as a reminder that full-spectrum healing can be achieved instantaneously through choice and the connection to Unconditional Love, the highest frequency.

Zain’s focus is on working with AWAKENED humans who are shifting consciousness on an vast scale through their art or divine offerings. She has worked with thousands of humans worldwide, including internationally renown personalities: artists, actors, musicians, healers, filmmakers, CEO’s of multinational corporations, warriors, tribal leaders, botanists, shamans, medicine men/women, writers, athletes, teachers and light workers from what feels like background and every spiritual upbringing. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, CTV, GaiaTV, Oxygen Magazine, Divine Data and she has held workshops, movement classes and retreats at Wanderlust Festival, Bhaktifest, Beloved Festival, Lightening In a Bottle Festival, Blessed Coast Festival and other conscious gatherings in Canada, USA, Europe, India, China, South and Central America.

Classically trained in Mysore, India at the Shri K Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Institute (KPJAI), Zain pursued over ten years of traditional Ashtanga practice and teaching before exploring other styles.  She was drawn to another classical lineage Sivananda, in 2006, where she completed her E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certification at the Sivananda Ashram in Paradise Island, Bahamas as well as three years of deep philosophical study of the Yoga Sutras, Vedas and other scriptures from both the Buddhist and Vedic perspectives.  During this time, Zain discovered the practice of Kundalini yoga in a Sikh Gurudwara and became fascinated by the liberation of movement and the immediate effect that the technology of kriya offered.  She went onto study with the 3HO Certified Karam Kriya School in London, England and

her own personal practice is a reflection of these classical styles.  She has completed teacher trainings in the following yoga disciplines: Sivananda Yin, Ayurvedic, multiple forms of Kundalini, Pre-Natal, multiple forms of Vinyasa and Power, Acro, Jivanmukhti, Tantra and many other sub-forms totalling thousands of hours.  She has led teacher trainings in most styles of yoga all over the world and most recently in China where she has been educating teachers on classical forms. Zain feels blessed to have continued her personal studies with Pattahbi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Gurmukh, David Life, Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Geshe Michael Roach, Eddie Modestini and other masters, which have paved the way for her own practice and teaching.

Zain’s conscious movement practice presently, is an ever-evolving synergy of nature, yoga, dance, sacred arts, breath work, energy practices, martial arts, acrobatics, ancient healing modalities such as Ayurveda & TCM, parkour and running that she gathered and refined throughout the course of her life. She is the founder of Radiant Flow, an embodiment practice rooted in a culmination of sacred arts, drawing heavily from yoga, kriya, energy practices, transformational fitness, dynamic dance, meditation and sound.  Radiant flow is a movement practice that harnesses conscious awareness as the portal to access the practitioner’s supernatural gifts, supports the ascension of vibration, expanded field, and heart/mind coherence, as well as natural glow, energy, vitality, strength, leanness, clarity of mind, emotional stability and of course, radiance.

In addition to her yoga background, she spent nearly a decade focusing on her craft of Aerial Silks and traveled internationally with a renown circus troop.  She is a certified Personal Trainer and a former member of the Junior Canadian Olympic Track and Field Team. Zain holds a BBA with expertise in marketing, event and music festival production and curation and continues to support notable international events.

She has been a Life Coach with ten years of experience, weaving in her education in Ayurveda, TCM, Reiki, Tantra and various forms of Meditation. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Athletic Nutritionist, Certified Raw Vegan Chef, Certified Theta Healer, trained in Transcendental Meditation, Accelerated Evolution and holds certifications in Permaculture, Botany and Herbalism. She is a curator of a range of Psilocybin medicines and has supported the research of psychedelics as a gateway to conscious evolution.  Zain has extensive experience with sacred plant medicines and has sat in dieta with Ayahuasca, Noya Rao, Wachuma, Peyote, Bufo and Psilocybin over the last two decades.  Zain hosts exclusive and limited Radiant Ascension Retreats leveraging the power of micro and macro dosing to create incredible breakthroughs and deep healing or fully embodied manifestation held in beautiful Costa Rica to those who wish to take a deep dive and up-level in all areas of their lives.

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