“My yoga mat has been the single constant in my life: My truest companion, my most objective witness, my therapist, my mirror, the anti-depressant that got me out of bed when nothing else could, my magic potion, my escape, my critic, my canvas, my conscience, my temple and my umbilical chord to the Divine.  Through this practice I am brought face-to-face, daily, with my mortality and thus have cultivated an awareness of presence that has enriched my life with an invaluable sense of timelessness.  It has humbled me and attuned me with the frequency of Divine Consciousness – peeling away layers of undigested emotion, conditioning, attachment, identity, heartbreak and fear, enabling me to taste the sweetness of my spirit, strengthen my will, be of highest service, and love with the full capacity of my heart. ” – Zain Saraswati Jamal



“Zain’s classes and Kundalini Fire Full Moon Ceremonies are inspirational, creative, nurturing, intense, wild and deeply healing.”

Be prepared to sweat, laugh, cry, and through the exploration of breath, come face-to-face with the true essence of your rich and beautiful spirit. Weaving elements of bhakti, my love and respect of Gaia and the spiritual/metaphysical realms into each of my classes, I  invites you to connect to your innate wisdom and use this as a guide to claim mastery over your own healing and growth.

I encourage my students to move instinctually and re-discover liberation through the sweet release of everything which no longer serves. My raw and honest teachings foster the energy of unfolding evoking powerful integration, fearlessness, unconditional love and radiant health.


I teach what I practice.  For years I dedicated myself to mornings of Mysore style Ashtanga and evenings of classical Kundalini.  The practices always felt separate in my body as though working on two very separate dimensions much like the distinction of Chakra and Hara. One, not so special day, life and scheduling circumstances caused me to have to do a home practice since I was unable to make my morning or evening practices that day.  During this practice, amidst the obscure smells of Ukranian Borscht emanating through my neighbour’s balcony door and the CBC Radio 2 weekend opera special airing loudly from the vintage furniture shop below me – crammed into an obscure corner of my living room – something extraordinary happened.  A practice so true to the most vulnerable parts of me birthed in my body.  It was a dance of breath woven with vinyasa, mantra and laced with classical kriya.  It was a fusion between both my loves, both my disciplines.  The practice lasted 3 hours after which, I ate like a beast and then slept for what felt like days.  Upon waking, my body felt as though it had transformed from a cellular level – and it had.

The practice I teach now birthed that day.  I can only describe it as a powerful and deeply grounding practice of asana and kriya that strengthens while promoting balance and flexibility as well as awakens the chakras and shift energy into higher vibrational realms and when I have had the great privilege to share it, practitioners too have expressed the profound effect and shifts they feel in their own bodies and consciousness.

I am currently teaching select classes in my hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada; however, my classes can also be found on GaiaTV and at various international yoga festivals and events worldwide.

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