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Conscious conception and fertility is the way for a woman to get in touch with creating life through the way of the heart that dwells within her. For inside of each woman, lives innate wisdom and natural rhythm of her entire self, her body, mind and spirit.

Through this body/mind approach, you are tapping into the ability to create deep self awareness, the four jewels of right living: balance, harmony, love and order. This balance affects all of you: physical, psychological and spiritual, your entire life, including your ability to conceive in a natural and holistic way.

Doctors now know that this path of right living actually enhances you ability to have a baby, and profoundly impacts the health and well being of your baby’s life. By holding your body and self in the space of love and honor, you create a positive and empowered sense of your experience as a conscious mother, a sensual and sexual being with the innate ability to create life.

It is important to educate and inform yourself with this approach, and teach yourself little by little, with great compassion and ease. Below you will find articles from the top experts in this field. We encourage you to have fun on your travels into conscious conception. The more we can awaken ourselves and return to what is natural, the easier it will be to create lives of deep wellness and right living.

Living in this way, the way of the heart and the peaceful mind, is each mother’s way to heal the earth, one baby at a time. You are helping to create the new earth by birthing babies through the awakened heart and healthy body.

Note: If you have special needs and your pregnancy and birth requires a medical specialist and traditional medical interventions, there are many ways to incorporate the natural approach into your experience. The open heart, peaceful mind is designed for all.

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